OmniOne Service
Own Your Identity in the Digital World
The first Decentralized Identity platform combining FIDO and blockchain
OmniOne is the first Decentralized Identity(DID) public platform combining the convenience and security of FIDO with the efficiency of blockchain technology. Our aim is to expand the global adoption of Self-Sovereign Identity based on a secure identity system.
Decentralized Identity
An identity management system which works without relying on any centralizing authority, enabling its users to realize their Self-Sovereign Identity.
Fast Identity Online
Standard for biometric technology that enables users to conveniently and securely authenticate themselves.
Omni ID
Omnione DID
Omni ID is based on a blockchain that stores only the user’s decentralized identifier and meta information to eliminate the exposure risk of personal information.
identification services
Simple Authentication
Authenticate yourself securely and conveniently anytime, anywhere, thanks to the combination of FIDO and blockchain technology.
Secure Identification
Prove who you say you are to anyone without losing control of your personal information thanks to the creation of your Self-Sovereign Omni ID.
Credential Verification
Get access to any service even those requiring a high level of identity assurance (e.g., banks, governments, etc.) thanks to the unique credential management system based on Verifiable Claims.
Identity of Things (IDoT )
Enhance the security in IoT environments by combining connected things with blockchain-based DID while providing a convenient and secure authentication method for IoT through the ownership and permissions management system based on DID.
Strengths of OmniOne
A high degree of scalability is ensured, enabling the OmniOne Network to run smoothly while supporting a high volume of transactions
A very high level of security when perfoming the identification process based on FIDO and blockchain technology fueled by RaonSecure
A convenient user experience enhanced by the FIDO-based authentication method
User Benefit
A user-centric technoloogy offering rewards each time users proceed to an authentication
The 1st ledger using GADI, the technology aiming at enabling cross-ledgers transactions with one DID, powerded by the DID Alliance
Proven Use Case
A technology already used by a public institution (e.g., Korean Military Manpower Administration)
The Technical Components of OmniOne
OmniOne’s technologies are basically following the trend by participating in the DID Alliance, DIF(Decentralized Identity Foundation) and complying with recognized standards such as W3C : VC(Verifiable Credential), DIDs(Decentralized Identifiers), ISO TC307(BC and DLT) : 3 SSID Models.
OmniOne provides a secure and reliable decentralized ID framework that consists of the following technical elements.
A DID-oriented blockchain platform
A permissioned blockchain platform based on licensed algorithms and optimal consensus algorithm for ensuring performance as well as continuity of service
Optimized DID-oriented SDK
While complying with FIDO international standards for biometric authentication and issuance/verification of VC, OmniOne provides a DID-oriented toolkit that can be easily operated and deployed
Standardized communication framework
OmniOne provides a DID-based communication framework for the development of secure channel and data transmission between user and issuer, and user and service provider
Resolver for compatibility between heterogeneous platforms
OmniOne provides a universal resolver for DID verification between heterogeneous platforms
Backup & recovery toolkit
OmniOne enables DID and Verifiable Credential’s back up and recovery system in the event of device loss or theft
The OmniOne’s Ecosystem
Understanding about the operating scheme of OmniOne
*Verifiable Credential (VC): A set of tamper-evident claims and metadata that cryptographically prove who issued it.
Public and Private entities that issue identity documents or certificates. Creating and assuring users’ verifiable claims in the OmniOne ecosystem enables them to receive benefits.
Service Provider (SP)
Companies that provide offline and online services. Participating in the OmniOne ecosystem enables them to reduce their operating costs for user identification and authentication while enhancing the user experience, which offers additional business opportunities.
Users can conveniently and securely access a wide range of services through OmniOne while controlling the disclosure of their personal information and also enjoying various benefits.
The Omni Credit reward system
OmniOne makes more rewards for users, issuers, and SPs
Introducing OmniOne Ecosystem in detail
Users can receive Omni Credit as a reward by providing their information.
We are preparing Omni Credit to be used in the future use place. (It may change depending on the partnership.)
OmniOne is moving toward a future that will comprise IoT as well as a data marketplace
Our motivated team is striving to reach its objectives in due time
OmniOne Mainnet Open
Launch of OmniOne Ltd. (2019.05)
OmniOne Services to be launched in Korea, Japan, China and South East Asia
Expansion of marketing in Korea, Japan, China and South East Asia
1st Upgrade
Agent (for enhancing the performance)
Personal Data Hub (for introducing a marketplace)
OmniOne Services to be launched in Europe
Expansion of marketing in Europe
2nd Upgrade
Development of the platform scalability (able to create & manage billion of IDs)
Implementation of the IDoT function
OmniOne Services to be launched in the US
Expansion of marketing in the US
3rd Upgrade
Improvement of the Personal Data Hub-based market
IDoT Launch
Expansion of marketing for the IDoT segment
Expansion of marketing for the Personal Data Hub-based market