Why Joining OmniOne?
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Partner with us and become an important part of OmniOne Network
Participating in the OmniOne Ecosystem will provide your company with various benefits
Privacy by design
Can define whether and how their personal information can be used. Service providers will be able to use the user’s personal information only with the consent of the user.
Can easily and securely access any service using Omni ID without having to undergo any repetitive registration processes.
Can receive a reward from service providers when using his/her Omni ID-based Verifiable Credentials.
Compliance with the regulation
Can interact with their customers while confidently complying with data protection regulations, such as GDPR.
Does not have to perform separate identification procedures through, for example, ID copies, video call, SMS and email, or store such information.
Can provide selective services in exchange for requesting and verifying the users’ verifiable credentials with the appropriate level of assurance.
Cost Savings
Does not need to develop separate onboarding or user data storage processes for authentication to their service. This significantly cuts development, administrative, and legal costs.
Increased customer base
The reward system of OmniOne contributes to a gradual increase in the service provider’s customer base by rewarding users for authenticating with service providers.
Overcome limitations of federated ID systems
Can overcome limitations and risks inherent to federated identity systems by allowing users to authenticate themselves directly without relying on identity providers.
New Business Opportunities
Can leverage their existing KYC infrastructure to make a new line of business as credential issuers. This grants new revenue streams for organizations that have the power to verify the identity of users.
New Revenue Opportunities
The elimination of the cost for intermediary service to handle authentication means more profits for issuers. Further, issuers get bigger rewards by providing higher assurance level credentials.
For further information on how to partner with OmniOne,
please contact us by sending an email at contact@omnione.net