Press Release
OmniOne Will Present an Identification of Things Model through Autonomous Driving Systems

Seoul, May 18, 2020 - A practical Identification of Things (IDoT) model will be implemented on autonomous driving systems with OmniOne.


Raonsecure Co., Ltd., a leading ICT security company, has won a pilot project to deploy a blockchain-based trust platform for Autonomous Vehicle infrastructure of Sejong City. Raonsecure participated in this project in the form of a consortium with Raon Whitehat, LG CNS and Unmanned Solution to implement the blockchain-based decentralized identification platform for V2X (Vehicle To Everything) and enhance the level of security with professional security researcher groups, also known as white hackers.


The blockchain-based trust platform for Autonomous Vehicle infrastructure will be deployed through "Mona Chain" by LG CNS and "OmniOne" by Raonsecure. OmniOne is a blockchain-based decentralized identification (DID) platform equipped with FIDO biometric authentication technology. It will provide authentication for the Autonomous Vehicles as well as the users, which are the points where self-driving services begin. When communicating between self-driving components through the mutual authentication methods, rather than a single authentication via central server or control center, it is available to provide continuous and reliable services without failure, by preventing hacking threats to the communication between each node and configuration.


Sejong City hereby plans to collect the data on the inner city operation and service of self-driving cars in the city, to prepare a safe driving environment for Autonomous Vehicles and to activate additional services. Starting with this project, Sejong City is planning to establish a DID authentication system for things in preparation for the popularization of autonomous vehicles, so that it can check information on vehicles and owners of autonomous vehicles as well as vehicles and owners of automobile registration offices, etc.


Soon Hyung, Lee, CEO of Raonsecure, said, "This project to build a trust platform for Autonomous Vehicles based on DID platform is significant, in that it will be able to present the very first practical model for identity of things (IDoT)". He also added "Combining with FIDO biometrics and DID technologies, Raonsecure will proactively drive the various fields that require IDoT such as smart city and smart factory, etc.”