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The First 'Blockchain-based Simple Authentication Service’ is Launched Based-on OmniOne

Seoul, January 22, 2020 – Military Manpower Administration has launched the blockchain-based simple authentication service based on OmniOne platform.


Raonsecure Co., Ltd., a leading ICT security company, announced today that it officially opened the blockchain-based simple authentication service with the Military Manpower Administration (MMA) for the first time in the public institutions in South Korea. Raonsecure has been jointly deployed OmniOne, a blockchain-based identification platform, with the MMA since April last year, to provide the certificate-less civil service. The new MMA portal site of civil service has launched the blockchain-based digital signature service first ever for the public institutions in South Korea, which ensures easy and simple log-in and identification without using the public certificate.

From the perspective of users, it is very simple to use the blockchain-based MMA simple authentication service. Users just need to download the MMA Simple Authentication application from Google Play (Android) or App Store (iPhone). After launching the application to check his own identification process and simple authentication methods through the mobile phone verification, the user is advised to log in with the blockchain simple authentication at the MMA portal site of civil service. In addition, it offers a simple blockchain-based authentication login function through integration with the MMA application, and provides various civil services such as applying for active duty soldiers as well as alternative service using the MMA application.

OmniOne is a blockchain-based decentralized identification platform, which adds FIDO biometric authentication technology. OmniOne allows users to own and selectively use his/her own personal information safely and conveniently. OmniOne is available to expand to various services; "Simple Authentication" that reduces the steps of authentication, "Secure Identification" to verify identification like digital ID cards, "Credential Verification" that can prove student's academic transcript or employee's proof of employment, and "IDoT (Identity of Things) " that can obtain ownership and authority of use by granting an identity to the things (IoT).

In this regard, the TestNet of OmniOne is planned to unveil in the first quarter of this year with DID Alliance, which has 56 domestic and foreign companies participating in establishing global DID technology standards and securing service compatibility. DID Alliance also carries forward schemes of various business models with international members referring to the use cases of MMA (Military Manpower Administration) and the KFTC (South Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute).

Soon Hyung Lee, CEO of Raonsecure, said "We are pleased to improve public service benefits by establishing a blockchain-based simple authentication platform without certificates, to enhance credibility of civil service processing, and to implement non-repudiation functions for the submitted civil petitions at the same time". "With the opening of this demonstration service, we will make efforts to expand the blockchain-based simple authentication service to private and public sectors that are considering to adopt alternative methods of authentication over the public certificates reducing the cost of identification, and will contribute to the spread of DID technology as a member of DID Alliance.”

Soon Hyung Lee, CEO of Raonsecure, received a commendation from MMA at the end of December last year for his contribution to improving the benefits of public service by establishing a blockchain platform to provide the certificate-less civil service.

▲ Raonsecure demonstrated the blockchain-based simple authentication service of Military Manpower Administration at "2019 Blockchain Promotion Week".



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