DID means a distributed ledger-based digital identity system that aims to give individuals self-control of their identity. It enables improved privacy, reliable digital identity authentication, and reasonable compensation for information owners
DID Alliance is a non-profit foundation created to build a new identity ecosystem by establishing global standard and framework related to the interoperability of DID. OmniOne is a major member of DID Alliance, complying with its standard and working together to establish the technical and business standard.
No personal information will go up on the OmniOne blockchain network. Personal information is stored in a secure area of the device owned by the individual, and only limited information for verification is stored in the OmniOne network.
Companies can act as an Issuer or Service Provider in the OmniOne Ecosystem. Each role is described in the OmniOne Ecocsystem Section of the website. If you wish to participate in the ecosystem, please submit the partnership application with the role you wish to participate via OmniOne website or email (contact@omnione.net).
Although theoretically possible, a reliable issuer-verifier(SP) model is needed for the current DID system to settle down stably. Therefore, at this point, it is limited to companies that can have a contractual relationship with OmniOne Ltd.
Omni Credit does not guarantee any value to individuals and organizations except for the methods specified in the OmniOne policy. Omni Credit is not a cryptocurrency or virtual asset and therefore cannot be traded.
User will be able to convert Omni Credit which duly obtained into mileage or point of partner companies, so that user can purchase or get discount on merchandise or service. The policy related to Omni Credit is subject to change.
VC can be issued by Issuer participating in OmniOne ecosystem. Issuer can be government, bank, university, company, hospital, etc. You can check if who is issuing VC and which VC is available at OmniOne Global App.
For more information, please refer to the OmniOne white paper.
If you have questions about OmniOne not answered in our materials, please feel free to contact us at contact@omnione.net